Many things have happened since the concept of a gluten free flour recipe was imagined.

All activity from 2011 onwards has been focused on commercialisation of the mix, testing equipment and baking processes, all the while ensuring the outcome for our customers exceeds their expectations.

Having completed six years of commercialisation R&D to ensure the original Cottage Mix would perform with commercial processes, and new pastry mixes that would likewise perform, the Gluten Free Development group is embarking on an expansion pathway.

Acquisitions and Joint Ventures form part of the expansion plans to ensure ingredient quality, baked goods quality, and market access is able to be met.

Below are the key events that have occurred since GFD was founded, until today.


Additional Blending Concepts Developed

New Flour Mixes require a refocus on the blending process to maintain quality outcomes

IP R&D Completed - Recipe / Bakery / Retail

Completion of key R&D components for full commercialisation
• baking processes
• machinery trials
• preferred commercial business structure
• feasibility study for expansion.

Awards and Health Ratings

New Freedom Bakery ...
• Wins “Best Gluten-free Loaf” at the BIA Annual Bakery Industry Awards
• Achieves coveted low Gi status for its white breads (Sydney University)
• Achieves high nutrition star rating (National Govt. Health Star Rating system)
• Achieves 'low FODMAP' status.

Leadership and Innovation Award

New Freedom Bakery wins Regional Community Achievement Award for Leadership and Innovation

New Freedom Bakery Launch

New Freedom Bakery premises established to commercialise the Gluten Free Cottage Mix and test the retail market for finished goods.

Initial Capital Raising

Initial capital raising for New Freedom Bakery Pty Ltd

GFD Group of Companies Incorporated

Gluten Free Developments Group Incorporated including ... Gluten Free Developments, GF IP, GF Trading, and New Freedom Bakery

Innovation Award Winner

City of Greater Bendigo Inventor Awards – Inventor of the Year – New Product Innovation Award - Gluten Free Mix

Initial Research Completed

Cottage Mix Innovation competed

Initial Research Project

Gluten free bread research, early mixes trialed and further trial batches (1000+)