Having completed six years of commercialisation R&D, to ensure the original Cottage Mix would perform with commercial processes, and new pastry mixes would equally apply the Gluten Free Development group is embarking on an expansion pathway. Acquisitions and Joint Ventures form part of the expansion, to ensure ingredients quality, baked goods quality, and market access is able to be met.

Below are the key events moving forward.


Phase Three Expansion

• Ongoing Capital Raising as required beyond $4.75m
• Launch of bakery products into the greater Melbourne region
• Amalgamation of all bakery production and distribution for both retail and food service.
• Existing Bendigo bakery facility to transition into a special purpose R&D Centre

Phase Two Expansion

• Capital Raising ($4.75m+)
• Appointment of Project Team and Key Future Leadership Positions
• Develop new property for blending/bakery center
• Fit-out & equipment purchasing
• Retail outlet leases, fit- outs and staff appointments and training

Phase One Expansion

• Capital Raising - $350,000
• Completion of machinery testing for medium scale commercial bakery
• Acquisition of existing wholesale bakery business
• Continued expansion of the Wholesale Bakery in Geelong region and Melbourne
• Negotiate joint venture with ingredient blending company
• Introduction of new retail brand and packaging for bread mix.
• Feasibility study to grow the market to selected retail outlets.