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  • Unbelievable GLUTEN FREE Cakes and Slices

    Unbelievable GLUTEN FREE Cakes and Slices

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    YES! GLUTEN FREE Pasteries


Using our distinctive intellectual property we create
exceptionally nourishing gluten-free flour blends and baked goods


Gluten Free
Nut Free
Egg Free
Dairy Free
Vegan Friendly
Gut Friendly
Low GI


As a baker you have access to bread and pastry mixes with the ability to turn them into amazing gluten free products.

As a home baker you have access to bread mixes with the ability to turn them into amazing gluten free products.

As a consumer you get to experience wonderful and nutritious baked goods as you have always imagined were possible.

Our guiding belief is that gluten-free baked goods can be as enjoyable to eat as equivalent gluten-based (wheat) products, for all consumers while gaining significant health advantages.

Flour Mix

The gluten-free flour mix is available as a bread mix in 700g, 4.2kg and 12.5kg packages


The gluten-free bread looks, cooks, bakes and tastes like bread should.


Gluten-free flaky and shortcrust pastry products (even profiteroles and eclairs) made from the pastry mix are unparalleled in the marketplace.


Gluten free slices and cakes that are lower in sugar are possible and compare well with gluten based items.


Below are some examples of the types of products that our flour mixes are capable of creating.


Gluten Free Developments is a group of companies formed to produce, distribute and further develop unique bakery mixes and production know-how which enables the creation of non-gluten based breads and pastries which closely mimic gluten based products.

Bakery mixes produced to these formulae enable a flexible dough to be formed, as opposed to the 'batter' based mixes which are common for gluten-free. This results in limitless varieties of fresh bakery products, which can for the first time become available for the gluten intolerant and gluten sensitive population.

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Our gluten-free breads are made from a dough and not a batter, and closely resemble wheat breads in aroma, texture, taste, crust, and variety.

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Our gluten-free flakey and shortcrust pastry products (even profiteroles and eclairs) are made from the pastry mix are unparalleled in the marketplace



The concept and key drivers that morphed into Gluten Free Developments began long before the concept of "gluten free" became a serious part of the health and retail experience.

terryhTerry Hunter

Gluten Free Developments began life as "Lansell Cottage", a home bread making business selling the flour mix developed by Terry Hunter.

Following a period of over 10 years the flour mix and Terry's work was recognised by winning FIRST PRIZE in the City of Greater Bendigo 2010 Inventor of The Year Awards

Gluten Free Developments activities and research has continued from this foundational work and is now focused on the following key parameteres:

  • Delivering fresh baked gluten free products at an affordable price
  • Increasing exposure to the reality that gluten free eating need not be a poor experience.
  • Supporting ongoing R&D into the broader nutritional aspects of our mixes
  • Facilitating uptake of innovative and sustainable practices


Ensuring our bakery mixes exceed customer expectations requires ongoing development and quality testing improving our know-how and processes.
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We hear about many gluten-free breads being made from over processed “empty starches” that do not provide the nutrition of wheat breads. In response we have developed breads that are low FODMAP, low GI and have a 4/5 Health Star rating, even for our white breads. Breads made with our Tru-Dough Flour Mix provide many health benefits.